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Rev. Dr. James Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox's Spiritual Adventure

The Science of Mind Adventure

Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox

Way back in the 20th Century, 1987 to be exact, Joanna and Jim adventured for the first time to a Science of Mind center and from there they embarked on a wonderful adventure together which eventually resulted in their combined energy rekindling the Madera Spiritual Awareness Center.

Today this amazing couple has partnered with our dynamic Senior Minister Steve Walling, bringing him on board to insure that the entire Valley has access to these precious teachings which have liberated so many people to live lives filled with joy, love and prosperity!


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Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox's Weekly Spiritual Column

Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox

Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox

Rev. Dr. James "Jim" Fox writes a weekly Spiritual Column which provides additional insights into the weekly talk topic.

We are working together to archive the columns he has already created as well as the columns he is currently producing.

Jim relates his Journey:

I was satisfied being a practitioner and then one day I heard a report about a boot camp in Madera with young teen agers getting their lives straightened out. So I decided to finalize my minister credentials to better support the conscious evolution of these young teenagers. Later I moved on from that and dedicated all my time and efforts into growing the Spiritual Awareness Center to support our local community and the San Joaquin Valley.

Over the years before Steve showed up, I took turns with my wonderful spouse Joanna doing the weekly talks and presentations for the Spiritual Awareness Center. When we decided to retire, we did prayer work / spiritual treatment for a new minister and lo Steve manifested at our church and he was looking to open a center. We talked and soon he was on board as the Senior Minister.

The principles of Science of Mind have always been working for me but I didn't realize it until I learned these teachings and saw how they had always been working in my lives. I decided to get in the poition to let people know they have the choice to be in conscious control of their lives through the application of these powerful teachings. The way life unfolds for everybody when they recognize how their mind and actions are creating their realities is a miraculous and delightful thing.

It has been quite a journey and I wouldn't change a thing because the decisions I made have led me to my best and highest good and brought me to this place, seeing and understanding how situations came about and how challenges were resolved by knowing and seeing the divine right order.

I have always known that God is in charge

when I allowed the divine sympony of the universe to bring forth the perfect music which would allow for me to be divinely guided to the right decisions to manifest good in my life and contribute to the betterment of life in general.

When you back away and relax about problems, you will go with the flow and by following your bliss you will manifest your highest good.

Our center is growing and thriving because of Steve's eagerness and ability to help other people. We were blessed with him when we were looking for someone who could take over the responsibilities of the church. We are always there for him even today whenever he needs us.

We know that many people are going to be blessed by what we have to offer here in Madera and throughout the whole San Joaquin Valley.

It is important to let go of negative thinking and get out of the way of their own good. Let go and let God. This creative intelligence is what is deep within. The "small still voice within. When people get to the point that they allow this creative intelligence guide their lives then they manifest their highest good.

Dr. Jim's book: And So It Is has 100 Spiritual Essays that were published in the Madera Tribune Newspaper. In these 100 writings, Dr. Jim shows us how, by living in harmony with ourselves, one another and nature, we too can learn to follow our spirit within, our intuition, that can lead us to a life filled with abundant peace, harmony, laughter and love.




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