Calendar of Events at Spiritual Awareness Center @ 218 S. D St., Madera, CA 93638
Spiritual Awareness Center

Come Celebrate Life with us!

every Sunday:

Celebration at 10:30 am

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Spiritual Awareness Center Upcoming Events at Spiritual Awareness Center
Allow for your spirit to blossom at Spiritual Awareness Center


Join us for Celebration Servicess of Life, Love and Community!

We celebrate the Omnipresence of God

You will find upcoming events below, conveniently arranged in list format. Simply scroll down the list to see what's coming up!

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What if?.....

What if there's no distant diety to appease nor an evil entity to avoid?

What if there's only something greater to know about yourself, something to accept, to embrace and love?

What if that something within you is closer than your very breath?

What if it is something that you can use that is the answer to every question and the solution to every difficulty?

Are you willing to change your thinking?...

Allow for your spirit to blossom at Spiritual Awareness Center


Upcoming Events

More to Come ...

As our community embarks upon this divine mission of sharing Spiritual Tools to enable all who participate to develop a powerful personal Spiritual Practice, we are filled with joy knowing that we live in the most wonderful place in the universe, surrounded by caring souls and a truly beautiful community.

We invite you to join us on this adventure.

In New Thought, we embody one of the finer aspirations of many of America's founding fathers and mothers. Washington, Jefferson, Elihu Palmer, and a host of other founders were Deists. The Deists teach that whereas God set the Universe in motion, it is now up to us to insure the world is wonderful for ourselves, our children, and our community.

In New Thought, we say "Treat, then move your hands and feet." This is all about starting with the right intention, praying, then taking action.

Join us at Spiritual Awareness Center

We are surrounded by powerful examples of women and men who set a positive intention, then took action and produced amazing transformations within themselves which outpictured into the world.

Learn powerful spiritual tools at Spiritual Awareness Center
There is a power greater than us and we can learn how to use it at Spiritual Awareness Center We teach Spiritual Evolution at Spiritual Awareness Center
We believe in love at Spiritual Awareness Center
Spiritual Awareness Center is a circle of life and a circle of love Come sing with us at Spiritual Awareness Center
I learned meditation at Spiritual Awareness Center
We welcome all souls at Spiritual Awareness Center Join our prayer circle at Spiritual Awareness Center
Dreams come truth through Spiritual Awareness Center

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